Supply of raw materials, Utilization, Cargo logistics, Warehousing, Financial services




We are a supplier of chemical, natural and biological raw materials used in various industries. We supply raw materials that are used in the food, feed, house hold and chemistry industries. As a supplier with years of experience and extensive knowledge in this field, we offer these raw materials at competitive market prices and ensure fast delivery worldwide.


We offer our customers a wide range of disposal services in Lithuania and throughout the Baltic region. We will ensure the disposal of secondary raw materials, medicine, food, metals, chemicals and other hazardous waste that meets the highest quality and performance standards.


Supply, transit and distribution require perfectly developed logistics chains, which are one of our priorities. We ship raw materials from our warehouses throughout Europe and many other countries around the world. By working closely with distribution centers, we ensure a smooth and fast flow of daily orders. Our team will ensure that we deliver the purchased raw materials quickly and safely to the location of your choice.


Edidmena can offer its customers raw material storage and warehousing services in logistics centers. Our specialists will ensure that your goods and raw materials in the supply chain are stored in warehouses that meet all quality standards when needed. Edidmena employees are experts in the handling and use of various chemical, biological, plastic and other raw materials, so we are committed to ensuring reliability, high quality and sustainability for your goods by providing storage and warehousing services.


In order to ensure a fast and smooth raw material procurement and supply process for our customers, we constantly communicate and maintain close relations with suppliers. This allows us to offer more favorable conditions for purchasing raw materials, optimize financial costs and reduce the bureaucratic burden for our customers. Our professional and experienced specialists will provide all necessary financial and brokerage services.